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Frequently Asked Questions ...

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. We are eager to serve you!

Why choose Kitten Creek?
Kitten Creek LLC. provides the resources needed to sort, organize, display, research, price, advertise, and sell the contents of the home or estate. We offer valuable service to heirs/executors who have neither the time nor the expertise to liquidate household contents. Our services may also meet the needs of someone downsizing to a retirement community or relocating to another area.

What do you charge for your services?
FREE ONSITE CONSULTATIVE VISITS! Each home and situation is different, so we determine a rate that fits the client and their situation. Our commission will come from the net proceeds of the sale. If there are additional requests such as hauling of trash, or delivering items to a donation location, or a clean out of the property, those charges will be deducted from the net proceeds. Our clients are never faced with upfront charges or fees!

What areas do you cover?
We are based out of Stephens City, VA (Frederick County). But we will hold sales throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland as well.  Please don't think we're limited to these regions. We do love to travel!

What is an estate sale?
An estate sale differs from a yard sale or a garage sale in that an estate sale is typically held to sell every item in a home. These sales are held on-site with all items categorized, displayed, tagged and effectively priced. And most importantly, professionally-run estate sales generate more revenue!

Most estate sales are held as a result of a serious illness, death, divorce, or move to assisted living. Kitten Creek LLC. prides itself in presenting estates with energy, integrity, professionalism, and intelligence. Additionally, our staff understands that the liquidation of a lifetime of possessions (whether it be one's own or a loved one's) can be a traumatic event. K.C.E.S brings not only compassion but also the ability to resolve the situation. We will make recommendations for the full clearance of the property and provide the needed logistical support to achieve it.

What kinds of things do you sell?
We can sell virtually anything that is legal and safe. We use all methods to carefully research and appraise your valuables. We will clean, fix, re-arrange, organize, and attractively display all items including furniture, rugs, glassware, china, silver, books, linens, kitchen utensils, tools, and outdoor furnishings. On the days of the estate sale, our personnel will be available for assistance and to ticket the items for purchase. Inside and outside security can be provided, and we can control the number of customers allowed in the house at all times.

Why hold an estate sale?
Here are some primary reason why we have seen an estate sale occur:

  • Private households moving and/or relocating
  • The loss of a loved family member or friend
  • Couples that are downsizing
  • Seniors moving into elder care or assisted living

Do I have to prepare for an estate sale?
Yes. While Kitten Creek takes the hassle out of Estate Sales Planning there are a few things you need to do to insure your event goes smoothly. Here is a brief checklist of things we ask our clients to do:

  • Locate important documents that may be in the home, including insurance papers, deeds, wills, stocks/bonds, accounting papers, etc.
  • Confirm who the legal executor of the estate is and ensure that the executor consents to the removal and sale of items. This is the person we should be working with throughout the sale.
  • Discuss the contents with family and friends and decide which items you wish to keep and wish items you wish to sell.
  • Sort through personal effects, such as letters and photographs and decide what you wish to keep and what you wish to dispose of.
  • Remove food items from the home (so as not to attract rodents and insects).
  • Remove all items from the home that family and friends wish to keep. If this is not possible, place all of these items in one area of the home, such as a bedroom or closet, so that they can easily be hidden during the estate sale.

Plan ahead! Depending on yours and our calendar, an estate sale may require weeks or even months to organize and conduct.

If you plan to sell the home, be sure to coordinate the estate sale with your real estate agent. In some cases, the real estate agent will prefer to show the home with the contents and other times, they prefer to show the home empty. Also ask your real estate agent whether items such as refrigerators, drapes, and outdoor items (such as hot tubs, greenhouses) should stay with the house or be sold.

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