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Kitten Creek Services ...

Services Overview

  • Setting Up and Hosting Estate Sales
  • Organize and Stage your home for sale
  • Refer you to services that may fit your situation:
    • Our preferred list of real estate agents
    • Moving Services
    • Insurance agents
    • Home Repair
  • Donate unsold items to local non-profit organizations
  • Full or partial buy-out of estates
  • House cleaning
  • Yard maintenance
  • Trash removal

Staging your Sale?
Depending on the amount of work to be done we start working in the home several days before the sale date. We bring in tables and table cloths to display the small items to be sold. We also have portable shelving, clothing racks and lockable showcases to be used when necessary during the sale. We unload cabinets, closets and drawers so that all items can be seen. After displaying the items to be sold, we price everything, either individually or using signs for large groups of items. Pricing is based on our knowledge of the market-place, a reference library, and a network of individuals with expertise in specific areas of estate sales.

Pricing Philosophy
Kitten Creek. prides themselves with setting the correct fair market pricing of all household items in an estate. Whether it's a rare antique painting, fine porcelain, 18th century furniture items, household kitchen items, or workshop tools, the correct fair market value will be tagged on all contents in the preparation of an estate sale.

There are no pre-sales. There is no negotiating prices during the first day of the sale. At 9am on the second sale day, items may be discounted with the client's approval.


Kitten Creek. will advertise an estate sale by:

  • Exclusive presentation on the front page of Kitten Creek LLC's website.
  • Circulated email advertisement with detailed inventory (minus the prices) to be distributed to our preferred customers mailing list prior to the estate sale date.
  • If clients requests, and if time permits, ads will be posted in the local newspaper which will run two or three days depending on the sale.
  • and listings advertising location, time, date of anticipated estate sale.
  • Posting of "estate sale" road signs leading to the location of the estate sales.


Disposal of unsold items, clutter removal and clean outs are also available.

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