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Cannot thank you enough for your assistance and professionalism in handling our Estate Sale.  We handed you a big job and you and your crew came through beautifully for us.  It was a pleasure working with you from beginning to end and appreciated your candid suggestions and spot-on assessment of values and knowledge of the market.  We handed you a large project that looked overwhelming to us and you literally took "the load" off for us.  Estate Sales are not the norm out here and I think you have set the standard for future sales.  Thanks glad we found you!


Kat S & Ed C | Hedgesville, WV | November 2016




Dear Amanda,

In my business its always nice to meet new people and meeting you was a very special time for me.  You are so professional and it was a real pleasure working with you on Jane B's property.  I wish you all the best in both your personal and business life.  I know Kitten Creek will be a huge success. 

Thank you for all your hard work and for all your help and information.

Mary Jane Comegys | Gainesville, VA | August 2016


I want to thank Amanda Galicia for all of her kindness, compassion, encouragement, understanding, and support in executing our major life change and decision to retire and move to Portland.  I truly believe it was divine intervention that sent her to us.  Amanda helped us on so many levels.  She recommended an awesome real estate agent and the two of them have a great collaborative relationship.  Amanda is an awesome designer and she staged our home for the photos!  She managed our estate sale with efficiency, and most importantly, with the utmost consideration for our comfort.  She wanted us to continue to feel that we had a home sanctuary until the sale was final.  Her expertise, honesty, integrity, compassion, and support, were greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend Kitten Creek.

Susan Wallace | Winchester, VA (now Portland, OR) | June 2016



I just wanted to thank you for conducting the recent estate sale at my aunt's house in Virginia.  When my aunt's health forced her to move into an assisted living facility it became obvious that she would not be moving back to her house.  Having recently lost both of my parents, I was familiar with what a great concept estate sale companies are.  But, not all estate sale companies are alike.  I wanted one just like the one who conducted an estate sale at my parent's house in Minnesota...but this company had to be in Virginia.  Also, since I was located in Minnesota I was going to have to trust that someone I was only going to be able to meet over the phone was going to be able to get the job done.  After, speaking with you, Amanda, it was clear that your company would try to sell everything in the house, not just big ticket items.  You would set everything up just like I had seen before.  My only hesitations were that you were new to the Virginia area while the company I had dealt with in Minnesota had quite a following.  And, you were a Kansas State graduate, while I had graduated from the University of Kansas.  You know how those intra-state rivalries can be.  I don't think I could have been happier with the results of the sale.  Despite being new to the area, there was a great turnout for the sale.  By pricing all items well, you were able to create a great value for my aunt out of the belongings in her modest little house with no fancy furniture or antiques.  Thanks so much for all of your help.


Cheryl Hatfield, (sale held in) Elkton, VA | March 2016


Losing a loved one is heart wrenching enough, but often times results in the realization that the family home and possessions must be trimmed down significantly.  This was the case after my Mother passed away and my father decided to leave the horrible winters of Chicago behind and embrace the sunny blue skies of southern California.  The thought of cleaning out their house filled with almost 60 years of memories was daunting to say the least, but our real estate agent recommended an estate sale company (not Kitten Creek).  Frankly, the first estate sale lady we met was not very nice, but we didn’t seem to have another option. 

One day driving to the house, I noticed estate sale signs.  I was really tired after a long day of errands, but finally turned around and followed the signs to the sale.  As I had never been to an estate sale, I felt I needed to see what it was like for myself.  I arrived near the end of the sale so most things were sold, but what impressed me was the lady in charge of the sale (Amanda) and how she interacted with the buyers.  There was a stunning dining room set that the man was trying to get for a ridiculously low amount, but Amanda in a very professional, yet confident tone explained she had bids of a certain amount already so if the gentleman wanted the set, he would have to beat the bid.  I was really struck by how well she handled the situation that I invited her to our home. 

Long story short, we decided to go with Amanda and Martin, and overall, we were very pleased with the results.  Our home did not have fancy crystal or antiques.  We had modest means and possessions so our expectations of the sale were we thought reasonable, but low.  We were stunned with Amanda called the first night saying they sold DOUBLE what we expected for the whole sale.  The next day they even sold more so in the end the sale was almost triple our expectations.  Really not sure how they did it, but the moral of the story was that if you price items properly, even if not fancy brand names, you sell more and end up with a very favorable result.  If you use Kitten Creek, I would also recommend you utilize their clean out service as well which was worth the extra expense.  They ensured everything was removed from the home so we could close on time without incident. - TAS, Naperville IL  July 2014


Your Naperville sale was the best organized and managed I have ever seen.  I learned about this sale through road signage on my way to do something else.  But the logistics were handled perfectly from getting me to the house, guiding me through the home and finally cashing me out.  I not only returned the 2nd day but brought friends who also purchased.  Of course, part of the satisfying experience was that the estate consisted of useful, quality merchandise in good condition, but your fair pricing plus respectful and informative interactions made me confident about value being delivered to all parties involved in the transactions.  Also, your heart shows and that's an unusual thing to experience in what is a sensative time for everyone.  - Esther C, Naperville, IL | Apr 26, 2014


We were so lucky to find Kitten Creek Estate Sales and meet Amanda and Martin, through credible Senior Services Resources.   


Like so many seniors, we needed to quickly downsize from a large 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom independent living apartment in a Senior Residences Living facility.  And like many older homes (ours was built in 1930), we had a full basement with lots and lots of space and built in storage cabinets.  With this much room we simply just kept all the things we used for our active lifestyle (boating, golf, camping, skiing, traveling, etc.) even after we could no longer use them – because we had all that storage space.  After 40 years in our home, we accumulated lots of wonderful things and eventually many things we no longer needed.


Both my husband (age 79) and myself (age 75) are disabled and I had additional health problems – so this move was essential for us.   We could no longer deal with the upkeep, stairs, and managing all the maintenance, gardening and other workers we needed constantly to maintain our home and landscaping.  I’m sharing this information because it is very typical of the situation for many seniors.   The need to make a major life style move, just when they are the least physically and mentally able to cope with those challenges.  So, many of you may relate to this problem.   I can imagine that a major move like this could be equally challenging and stressful for younger people, especially if they have children.


Amanda and Martin quickly scheduled a visit to our home when I called them, so they could see what we had in all our rooms, closets, basement, garage, workshop and gardening building.   They were so warm and kind to us, explaining the process, all they would do to set up the entire estate sale for everything in our home and our entire property.   They explained their charges and commissions, how the excess money received would be paid to us, and the number of work days that they and their employees would devote to our sale.  We’ve both had successful business careers and felt their base charges and commissions were very fair for the huge amount of work they would have to do.


They were so patient and gave us such good advice and ideas about the downsizing and moving.  One of my best memories is when Amanda said to me …. “You don’t have to do all this work.   Just decide what you personally want and need to move into your smaller apartment, pack it up, and then just walk away!   We will take care of everything for you …. That’s our job.”  Wow!  You can’t begin to imagine what a huge burden this took off of me.   I felt that I might actually survive this move.


Can you imagine how wonderful this is?   Just walking into the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining rooms – picking out our favorites that we wanted to keep and would need - and that would fit into our new apartment, then just walking away?    Amazing.  They took care of things that they could sell, threw out things that I would have had to deal with and worked with my cleaning lady to get the house ready.  They priced everything on the entire property and set it up attractively, so that all the buyers could see and buy.


During this whole month long process, they were so accessible by phone to answer my questions, to check on our moving progress and to give us caring support.   Truly we felt they were family to us.   As soon as we closed, they came with their own very experienced estate sales employees for five days, preparing our large home and the gardening building for the sale.   So much work!    And we didn’t have to worry about any of it.   When our very successful sale was finished, they left our entire property swept, vacuumed and empty.  We just had to arrange for the final cleaning and the home was ready to sell.


Another benefit of our using Amanda and Martin is that Martin is an Appraiser and his appraisals of our antiques, and our art, gun and coin collections saved us a lot of money in Appraiser costs.   He has his own Appraiser specialties, but if an item was outside his expertise --- he personally knew specialized appraisers to call for their opinions.  When it was all finished, we netted far more profit from the estate sale than I expected and that was lovely.   But, the very best part of our having Kitten Creek Estate Sales was our working with Amanda and Martin before, during and after the sale.   They were so upfront, honest and wonderful.  They truly care about their clients and the unique situations for each client.


We’ve recommended them to other seniors and friends, and are so thankful that Amanda and Martin arrived in our lives, just when we needed them the most.


Gennie and Gene Thompson, Seattle, WA | Oct 25, 2013


You and your company are amazing.  I cannot begin to tell you how impressed the three of us were at your professionalism, attention to detail, thoroughness and compassion.  I knew you were the right woman for the job the first time I met you!  Or real estate agent for the house took your card and will recommend you to her clients.  I can't thank you enough and only wish I had contacted you sooner!  We are totally satisfied with the result.  Peace of mind and a sense of completion was very important to us and you delivered that and more. - Beth Black | September 2013


I want to thank you both you and your crew for doing such a great job with my estate sale recently.  For such an involved operation, you were phenomenal.  I had worried prior to contacting you (about) how to get rid of all of the furnishings in my house and to able to move on.  You took care of that for me.  And what a great job you did!!  We, my family and I, are still wondering how you did it so smoothly and efficiently in such a short time. 

Thank you again for being so caring and making what, to me, seemed to be a hard job so easy.  You lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. - Muriel Holmdahl | August 2013


When you live in a house for 30 years you hire and work with a lot of contractors. Some aren't much good, some are ok, some are good, but only rarely is one outstanding.

Kitten Creek Estate Sales was the most outstanding contractor I worked with for the 30 years I lived in downtown Puyallup. We were moving from a good-sized house to an apartment in Seattle to be near our granddaughter. That meant we were downsizing big time.

I interviewed three estate sales companies. I chose Kitten Creek and Amanda Galicia because she had thought out the service I needed and developed a great team to do it. All I had to do was identify and take away the things we wanted to keep, all that I left was going to be for sale. After we had taken what we wanted she did all the rest. Staging and advertising the sale, posting pictures on her web site, sending emails to her huge list of potential buyers, then she conducted the sale, and, how fantastic, she and her team took everything that didn't sell away to give to charity, and finally swept the house so it was ready to go on the market. And I received a good sized check, much more than I would have earned with multiple yard sales for essentially no extra work than moving to our new apartment.

But the real reason I wanted to work with Amanda is that, as a result of the interview, I developed a strong trust for her. She mentioned the points in the process where ethical issues could pop up, and it was clear she had thought them all through very well. I believe she was the only contractor I ever hired who had such a clear understanding of business ethics. That meant more than just avoiding issues, it meant the sale went very smoothly with both the buyers and the seller (me) very satisfied they had been treated fairly.

So Kitten Creek is a business you can trust, you don't have to worry about what is going to happen. She makes it all happen just as she said she would. I couldn't possibly have asked for more.

So if you need to have an estate sale, or if you are downsizing, think of Kitten Creek. Talk to Amanda. You'll be happy you did.

Peter Farnum | March 2013


Amanda & Martin,

I want to thank you so much for the splendid work you accomplished for my brother in Bellevue, Washington.  The estate sale you conducted in his home was handled with superb expertise and sensitivity.  Your knowledge and professionalism was demonstrated from start to finish.  Given the urgency of our need to put his house on the market you and your crew were phenomenal in completing the task on time and very much as promised.  I would strongly recommend your service to anyone.  You were punctual, professional and tremendously thoughtful in making an emotional and difficult challenge possible!

Frederick J Fisher | March 2013


Hi Amanda!

Thank you for referring Curtis Taylor and his partners, whom you suggested I call to deal with some furniture that was not suitable for an estate sale.  Although it turned out we couldn't do an estate sale at this time, maybe we can do one in the future!

Thanks again, Heidi Ross | January 2012


Wow!  Thanks a million!  Thanks again for all you, Marty, and John did.  I'll never forget the three of you.

Betty Ruble | November 2011




Our recent estate sale with Kitten Creek far exceeded our expectations.  Amanda, Martin, and the crew are professional, knowledgeable, and hard working.  They are great sales people and possess excellent people skills.  Our sale netted about what Amanda said we could expect.  We highly recommend them.  You won't be disappointed!


Garth and Rosemary | September 2011



Dear Amanda and Martin,

Thank  you for the excellent job you did on the estate sale for my parents in Enumclaw.  We had considered doing the sale ourselves but wisely hired you guys.  OMG what a huge job that would have been when you don't know how to organize and price things.  Thanks for all the hard work; you made it look easy


Dan R | September 2011



I hired Amanda in January of 2011 to handle the estate sale and clean out of my parent’s house in Puyallup which was full of two generations of treasures and memories.  I hadn’t ever even been to an estate sale before that.  I had no idea what to expect.  From the first time I met her until I waved goodbye to her and her crew outside my parent’s empty house thirty days later, I thanked my lucky stars for finding her.

From day one, she was respectful of the family’s concerns and feelings. She worked with me, as executor, to accomplish my responsibilities and to deal with family problems which arise when someone passes. She and her crew came to the house and priced everything. I mean every little thing in every drawer, closet, box, and cabinet to maximize the profits from the sale.  Items which she was unfamiliar with were either appraised on the internet or by knowledgeable experts.  She just didn’t guess, she looked it up or asked for advice. She worked very hard to make sure that she didn’t price something incorrectly.  As a result, the final tally from the sale was almost three times what she had originally estimated.

I was also terribly impressed with her honesty.  She and her crew found many valuable items that I had no idea existed in the house.

Her crew worked like the staff of a Nordstrom’s store to assist customers. When the sale was over, the house was empty and clean. Amanda herself vacuumed the entire house.  You could have eaten off the floor.  It was turned over to the real estate agent the next morning.

Thanks to Amanda and Kitten Creek Estate Sales a very disagreeable task was made easy and the family made a lot of money that we would have had no chance of realizing by ourselves.  Deciding to have an estate sale is a difficult one.  Watching a lifetime of property and memories go out the door is difficult. But once you have made that decision to have an estate sale, call Amanda at Kitten Creek Estate Sales. You can’t do better.


Terry Ball - Chief Examiner of Ball & Gillespie Polygraph | February 2011



Thanks for the outstanding job you did selling my extra stuff.  I am amazed at the size of the check I deposited today, and so happy I found Kitten Creek! I hope to use you next time to furnish my place with great, well-loved and classic furnishings.

Rick Davis - President of Massage Envy | November 2010





Thank you so much for the great job you and your team did for me.

Blessings to you,


J.L. McCray | June 2010




Dear Amanda & Martin,


Thank you again for the great job you did with our Estate Sale. You took charge of an impossible job for us and completed it in a very organized, timely and efficient manner.  We couldn’t have done it without you.


You sorted, organized, priced and displayed our items in a very professional manner.  We were very pleased with how smoothly the sale progressed and the final value we received, which was settled very promptly.


Your manner is very professional but also very warm. We felt like part of your family that you were helping.


We would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your services.


Thanks again,


Dan & Lynda, Kent, WA | Jan 2010




Thank you for handling "The Big One" in Tacoma; very professionally and  successfully.  I know it was a mountain of work. - Ron & Lois, Tacoma,  WA | Oct 2009



Amanda, I wanted to get back to you and thank you soooo much for everything you did for me to facilitate my Dad's estate sale. Anyone in this situation knows how stressfull and overwhelming it is. You came in and took complete charge, took all the burden off me and made it happen. Your strategy was perfect, your pricing was right on and the result was more than I expected. I also want to thank you for sharing the comments and stories from the locals who came to the sale and had so many good things to say about my Dad. He was a great guy and I will miss him as will anyone whose life he touched. You have a great compassion and it will stand you well, as will the support of your husband, Martin. He was a great help and I only wish I could have got him that Fender guitar!. I will recommend you every chance I get. Heartfelt thanks again... - Barb M, Edgewood, WA | May 2009

Very clean!  My wife and I loved the way you handled the sale last weekend in Redmond! It was refreshing to see that you truly respected and looked out for your client’s property and your staff were cheerful and helpful. - Ajay, Redmond, WA | Nov 13, 2010

Thanks for giving me a great deal so I could make a friend's day!  You have super sales!! - Lora  S, Issaquah, WA | May 1, 2010

I love coming to you sales!  Your staff is helpful, friendly, and always smiling. - Anonymous, Issaquah, WA | May 1, 2010

Realistic prices.  You staged the sale and made it comfortable to shop through.  I loved it!  Thank you! - Helen, Kirkland, WA | Feb 4, 2010

I am excited to finally find good sales to go to. - Kimberly, Edmonds, WA | Nov 17, 2009

This is how an estate sale should be done.  Great prices! - Harley, University Place, WA | Aug 9, 2009

This was a very organized estate sale.  We really enjoyed taking our time going from room to room.  It was a lot of fun. - Anonymous, Shelton, WA | Aug 1-2,  2009


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